3 Clear Signs It’s the Right Time for a Fire Alarm Inspection

In an average year, more than 1 million fires are reported in the United States. These fires cause significant property damage and also claim civilian livesIt is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their buildings are outfitted with the necessary equipment to ensure safety. In addition to installing the needed equipment, it’s also important to make sure the equipment like a fire alarm is consistently updated.

Not sure whether your building’s fire alarms are functioning correctly? Here are 3 clear signs to look for to see if it’s time for a fire alarm inspection.

You Haven’t Tested Your Fire Alarm Lately

Fire alarms should be tested at least once a month to ensure they are still operating. It’s a good idea to schedule your day for testing your fire alarm on a particular day, such as the first Wednesday of a month.

Testing the alarm is actually be a clean and fairly simple process with right tools and process. Most alarms have Fire Alarm Panels with a factory Alarm Silence button to press to when alarm beeps or horns sound. When testing this button helps to keep the horns sound to a minimum.

That said, make sure to alert everyone in the building when you plan on testing the smoke alarm. The alarm will be quite loud, so failing to warn folks could be jarring.

The Alarm Does Not Respond to Simulation

Just because the alarm feature on the smoke detector still works does not mean that the detector is working as it should. After all, the whole point of having a smoke detector is for the alarm to sound when it is stimulated by smoke. To check if this feature is working, you will need to perform a simulation.

It is unwise to attempt testing the smoke detector by holding a flame to it. Instead, you can simulate the effect of smoke by using an inexpensive aerosol can.

Spraying the aerosol in front of the smoke detector will simulate the effect of smoke. If the alarm sounds in response to the aerosol, this indicates the detector is working properly. If there is no response, it may be time to schedule an inspection and see what’s going on.

The Sprinklers Need Maintenance

Many commercial buildings have a fire alarm system that also includes other features, like a sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler systems have switches that are tied into the fire alarm system that monitors its operation and status If your sprinklers look like they’re in need of maintenance, this could be an indicator that the whole system should be inspected.

Check the pipes of your sprinkler systems for evidence of damage or corrosion. The presence of rust or a foul odor from the sprinkler piping could be evidence of corrosion. Additionally, if you notice leaks coming from your pipes, this could be another indicator that the sprinkler system is getting old and needs to be inspected.

Get the Fire Alarm Inspection You Need Today

By keeping an eye out for these three signs, you will be able to identify when it’s time for a fire alarm inspection. This will help you to ensure your building and its occupants are safe.

Need more help evaluating your building’s safety? Contact us today, and our fire safety experts will work with you to get the equipment you need.