Crisp-LaDew Company Profile

For over 80 years, Crisp-LaDew has been the most trusted name in commercial fire protection in Texas, the Southwest and across North America. Crisp-LaDew protects your good name with the most comprehensive fire and life safety services in the business .

Providing expert design, fabrication and installation for new systems and offering service, maintenance and repair for all of your fire and life safety systems (

Sales and service operations located in Fort Worth, Dallas and Granbury, Texas.
Crisp-LaDew, a professional Texas Corporation since 1933.

Crisp-LaDew Company ProfileCrisp-LaDew is building the world’s largest digital library of fire sprinkler plans

It has taken 110 years and a number of fire sprinkler companies to create more than 40,000 commercial and industrial fire sprinkler plans, all of which are housed at Crisp-LaDew where we are meticulously scanning, digitizing and archiving each and every plan, one by one, in our quest to create the “world’s largest digital library of commercial fire sprinkler plans.”

The plans are of actual fire sprinkler systems that were designed, fabricated and installed in buildings, factories, warehouses, big boxes and industrial facilities all over the United States. It all starts with original drawings by our co-founder William H. LaDew that he drafted in 1903. Most of the drawings are from the Crisp-LaDew portfolio which dates back to 1933, but the library also includes drawings we acquired in company acquisitions over the years.

The effort of scanning and digitizing the drawings started in 2012 and continues 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at this date (September, 2013). When completed, we will have a massive digital archive of 40,000+ original detailed drawings at full scale. It is a fascinating history lesson and a virtual “who’s who” of hundreds of famous architectural landmarks such as the Texas Capital and other historic buildings in the state, the General Motors factory in Arlington, passenger terminals at the brand new DFW International Airport, rides and attractions at Six Flags Over Texas and the list goes on and on.

Do we have your building’s fire sprinkler plans?

Crisp-LaDew Company Profile

As the oldest and one of the most respected fire protection companies in the Southwest, we felt it was our duty to take the responsibility and preserve a lot of Texas history and “old building” nostalgia. Additionally, we will be able to better serve our customers and building owners/operators who cannot locate their fire sprinkler plans, thus making any upgrades, repairs or renovations to their system take place in a much more efficient manner.

So, do we have your original drawings and plans? Maybe so, but we won’t know unless you ask. Contact the “head librarian,” here or call (817) 572-3663.