Back Flow Prevention

Crisp-LaDew Back Flow Prevention Service


Crisp-LaDew’s Cross Connection Control Program / Backflow Prevention

Here Crisp-LaDew identifies actual or potential cross connections between the potable water supply lines and any pipe or vessel that may contain a contaminant or pollutant which could enter the drinking water system by means of backflow. Crisp-LaDew are the experts in finding, identifying and controlling potentially dangerous cross connections so contaminants will never backflow into a water supply.

How Backflow Occurs

As soon as customers tap into a water distribution system with service lines and cross connections, control over how that water is used is lost. Think about how many cross connections there are in most municipal water systems. A temporary loss of the normal water pressure running through the system can result in back pressure or back siphonage. When this occurs the flow of water through the system reverses. This is where things can get ugly as disposal water lines or even hoses attached to a faucet can pull contaminated liquids or even toxins into the potable water supply if backflow preventers are not installed.

One Case Where This Did Occur – This is a disturbing true story.

A funeral home in a large city noticed that blood was coming from drinking fountains within the building. It turned out that the blood was from bodies being prepared for burial. Here is what happened: The funeral home was using a hydraulic aspirator to drain fluids from the bodies of human remains as part of the embalming process. The aspirator directly connected to the water supply system at a faucet outlet located on a sink in the embalming room. Sign_ToxicWater flow through the aspirator created suction that was utilized to draw body fluids through a hose and needle attached to the suction side of the aspirator. A drop in the water pressure to the building caused the flow to reverse directions, thus pulling the body fluids from the sanitary drain into the potable water supply of the funeral home. Health Department officials cut off the water supply to the funeral home and it was determined that the blood contamination had not spread beyond the building after extensive testing in the area. The city’s fresh water supply was spared and an important lesson on the necessity of backflow preventers was learned.

Backflow Prevention – Crisp-LaDew

Backflow contamination can be effectively controlled by installing backflow prevention assemblies at or near the cross connection. Crisp-LaDew offers expert solutions for backflow preventer assemblies and their care. The assemblies are mechanical units which require maintenance and routine testing to ensure they are operating at full capacity.