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Crisp-Ladew Vent-A-HoodFire Kitchen Suppression Systems in Fort Worth/Dallas by experienced NICET certified technicians from Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection


Vent-A-HoodWhat’s for dinner?

With the use of high temperature cooking oils and high efficiency kitchen equipment, food is cooked faster. Along with this speed and efficiency increases the risks of fire.  Most all restaurant fires can be extinguished with proper fire extinguishing systems maintained at the appropriate inspection/maintenance intervals.  Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires in the plenum and under the kitchen hood.

Crisp-LaDew can provide testing and maintenance on Vent-A-Hood systems and other commercial kitchen suppression systems.

Because of cooking oils and fats, every kitchen fire is different.  Read about different classes of fires on Wikipedia.

Proper maintenance is crucial to the success of any fire suppression system. Failure to test and inspect a kitchen suppression system could put you out of business! See this PSA video and see first hand what happens when you try and put out a grease fire with water.

Allow the professionals at Crisp-LaDew to inspect and maintain your system, keeping you safe and your business open.

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