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Keep Them Out with these Access Control Systems

Alright, anyone can admit that safety and security are very important in the current generation simply because thefts and other reason for breaking in are rampant in this time where valuables can range from money to information. In these cases, old school locks may not be applicable; a higher form of the security system is needed to keep the thieves out, and these security systems are those which provide access control to those who are associated only with the project or the company in general.

If you are one of those who may need these higher level security systems, then, you can call on Crisp-Ladew to provide you one, install it themselves, and keep your secret safe from anyone including themselves.

There are many forms of access control security systems that Crisp-LaDew can provide. One of those is the card reader systems which allow anyone with authority to gain access to a room by swiping a card for the sensors to read. These are not just simple cards because these are given by companies to people who have the authority and the cards are not just produced for anyone.
If the company, however, wants a simpler form of the car reader system, then there is another for that uses identification cards as a means of gaining access to rooms. It is basically the card reader system, but this time, the cards that are being presented to the system are basically the IDs of the employees who are allowed into a room. It is a more convenient system, but with regards to the assurance of security, that can be highly doubtful, but if careful, it can be very effective.

You do not have to worry if you are more into security systems that are into codes because Crisp-LaDew is also capable of installing access control systems that allow you to through the keypad system. Let them program every security control to a specific code of your choice. Of course, after the installation job is done, you are assured that Crisp-LaDew will always keep them locked away from anybody, even themselves. So you are assured of a 100% security from anyone who may become a security threat if given the information.

access3-300x210Push button systems are another access control system that you may choose from. This incorporates the simple button that will allow you to gain access to a room, and sometimes, the more expensive systems incorporate the fingerprint into the button. So, if the system does identify a foreign fingerprint, then pushing the button will be futile because you may push the button by the door will still not open.

Lastly, Crisp-LaDew is also capable of installing an electronic FOD system. This is basically the accumulation of all access control systems put into one. It is more expensive than the ones mentioned earlier but it will take more time to unlock and the needed information to gain access to the room can be very difficult to acquire.

So, with these security systems available with one call what else can you say? Just give us a call and let us talk about the access control system that you are willing to work with.

Access Control Systems by Crisp-LaDew

  • Card reader systems (swipe card)
  • ID badge systems
  • Keypad systems
  • Push button systems
  • Electronic fod access

Crisp-LaDew is your access control source