Home Security – for More Than Just Anti-Theft!

You’ve done the research when buying in Fort Worth, or you’ve been living in your area for so long now with nothing happening to you that you already know the area and what to expect – why would you need a home security system in Fort Worth? There are more reasons to install a home security system than simply protection of your property, and you may be surprised by what the crime rates actually are.

You may not know that Fort Worth has a Crime Index of 12 (of 100; the lower the number, the worse the crime rate) with some of the highest violent crime rates in the country. For comparison, Dallas is higher at 1 in 130, with a Crime Index of 7. Although murder rates per capita in Fort Worth are only slightly higher than the state average, sexual assaults are more often cited as a foundational reason for it’s low crime index score, bringing the chances of being a victim of violent crime here to about 1 in 190. Installing a home security system in Fort Worth is an excellent deterrence against burglars, vandalism, and home invasion (the obvious reasons to have one), but it’s capable of much more. Although you think you know your neighbourhood, things change at a rapid pace in today’s market. Here are some things you may want to know about getting home security systems in Fort Worth.

Fire Protection and Medical Assistance

Although most people think of security systems as defence against burglary and violent crime, it’s also a great monitoring service for fire – while you sleep and while you are away. Additionally, depending on the monitoring package you choose, a home security system in Fort Worth can help those who are living alone call for medical assistance when they’ve fallen and become injured, or when they’ve experienced unexpected medical situations, such as a heart attack. In Fort Worth and surrounding area, Crisp LaDew Fire offers these and other home security services.

Lower Home Owner’s Insurance Premiums

Many insurance agencies will give a discount on their premiums to houses with good home security systems in Fort Worth. Often, this discount can cover the majority of the fees associated system, making having it much cheaper than initially thought.

Remote monitoring and fur-baby safety

Concerned about parcels being delivered to your home while you’re away? Do you have a pet? A home security system in Fort Worth can help you keep an eye on what’s yours, and indoor monitoring cameras would ensure that you know which pet ripped up the couch. The added benefit is that, should anything happen to your home while you are away, your pets’ whereabouts would be better known to emergency services so they can safely rescue your furry family members.

Increase home value when selling

Prospective buyers are more likely to consider your home when they know that it already has a home security system installed, and Realtors know this, too – which is why you’ll be able to command a better price than similar houses in your neighbourhood that don’t have one. When considering home security systems in Fort Worth, contact Crisp LaDew Fire for your security needs – your peace of mind is worth it.