4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs CCTV Video Surveillance

People have differing opinions on CCTV video surveillance for their homes. This option of security has certain benefits that more traditional systems do not.

We’re going to take a look at these specific benefits and why they may work for your home and your family.

Keep reading to see 4 great reasons to consider CCTV as an additional or stand-alone security device.

CCTV Video Surveillance & Kids

The most important thing your home has is your family. Children, however, can be a handful and sometimes a bit mischievous.

No one said you had to have a camera in EVERY room, but putting one where kids tend to play often can help a busy parent monitor activities. And, of course, see when the inevitable argument is getting out of hand.

Another thing to consider with CCTV video surveillance and children is having a nanny cam. Even with the most careful background checks, you can’t prevent an irresponsible nanny or sitter.

At least you can review footage after she leaves to decide on asking her back for later jobs.

Deter Crime

Some brazen criminals cannot be deterred. But, statistics are on your side for this one.

60% of would-be burglars said they’d consider whether or not there was video surveillance, and 40% said they’d pick a new target altogether.

The fact is, the best crime is one that doesn’t happen. You’ll be able to sleep a bit easier at night knowing your family is that much safer because most evil-doers are automatically put off at the sight of a camera.

Provide Evidence

No one said criminals were smart. In fact, those that are searching for items to sell for drugs are usually not thinking clearly at all.

The thing is if they do burglarize your home or car, having CCTV video surveillance will catch far more details about the person than an alarm will.

With video stills of the delinquent, you have a much higher chance of not only finding him but aiding in the prosecution.

Though it’s not a guarantee, if you find the thief, you have a better shot at getting your stuff back.

A Remote Peace of Mind

The great thing about CCTV is that with the available technology, you can watch it on your laptop, smartphone, or any other screened device–from anywhere in the world.

It’s not to say that you need to watch your cameras 24/7, but being able to tune in and check things out may put you at ease.

If you have four-legged family members residing with you, there is also the ability to see what they’re up to (and make sure they’re not destroying your house.)

A Great Offense

When dealing with what many consider, “the underbelly of society,” a good defense is going to be a great offense.

Can you prevent 100% of crime? Nope. Can you decrease the likelihood of it happening to you? Absolutely.

Alarms are a great deterrent, so are barking dogs. When you consider your home security, keep CCTV video surveillance in mind.

And when you’re ready to look at protecting your home, contact us!