Why You Need to Inspect Your Fire Detection System

Has your fire detection system been inspected recently?

Are you keeping your system well-maintained?

Fire damage is one of the most common problems you may face when it comes to maintaining a commercial building. It’s important that you take the proper steps to make sure your building or business is protected.

While you probably already have a fire alarm system installed, it’s also important that you keep it maintained. Regular inspections are crucial to making sure your system remains in good operating condition at all times.

Below we’ll look at the top reasons you need to inspect your fire detection system regularly.

Meet All Insurance Requirements

It should go without saying, but it’s very important that you meet all requirements of your insurance carrier.

In the case of fire damage, you may not receive compensation if you can’t show proof that your fire alarm system has been tested and inspected regularly.

Follow State and Local Laws

In addition to the requirements of your insurance company, many local and state laws also require you to properly inspect and maintain your detection system.

It’s important that you check with your state and local fire departments to see what legal requirements are required and how often the testing, inspection, and maintenance and frequencies might apply to your building so you can make sure you are complying.

Prevent Injury and Death

While it may seem difficult to comply with all of the applicable laws and regulations, the truth is that they are there for a reason. A fire that goes out of control can have some serious consequences including injuries, or even death.

By inspecting your system regularly you will ensure that all employees, clients, and visitors, remain safe when they are in your building.

Avoid Legal Problems and Costs

If any harm comes to employees, clients, or other people in your building, it can lead to some serious legal problems. Big lawsuits are not uncommon in the case of a fire in a commercial building.

Fortunately, regular inspections can help you avoid these lengthy proceedings and all of the costs associated with them.

Eliminate False Alarms

False alarms, or nuisance alarms, can also be a big problem in any fire detection system. Nuisance alarms can waste Fire Department resources.

These nuisance alarms can also lead to some legal consequences and multiple occurrences may lead to fines.

A routine maintenance program can cut down on the amount of these nuisance calls.

If the frequency is extended, records of nuisance alarms and subsequent trends of these alarms shall be maintained.

Reduce Costs

Getting regular inspections is also the most thrifty move. and can help you save a lot on costs. As mentioned above, you’ll avoid legal problems and the cost of lawsuits. However, you may also save in other ways.

For example, your property insurance company may also offer discounts to your business if you can prove that you are having regular alarm system inspections.

Save Your Business From Damage

Fire damage can burden your business in many ways and can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. This can, of course, be difficult financially.

However, the damage to your building can also cause plenty of other difficulties and inconveniences. For example, it may be difficult operating in a smaller space or managing your employee’s limited workspace during repairs.

Maintaining Inspection Reports

A well document Inspection report is crucial in maintaining your fire detection system.  Using legible computer-generated reports should contain (where applicable) the following information.

   • Executive summary including the tag status of the systems.

   • Chart and pie graph breakout of all device types into categories.

   • Auxiliary functions data.

   • All devices segregated by device type into categories.

   • In-depth assessment, documentation of deficiencies.

   • Every device in each category will list zone or address, floor, location/description and pass/fail information.

   • Provide testing reports in a format acceptable to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Your Fire Detection System Maintained

Having regular inspections comes with a lot of benefits that can help your business to continue operating smoothly. You’ll also avoid the costly and dangerous problems that a fire can create.

While you likely have many other things to think about when managing a building or a business, keeping your fire detection system maintained and having regular inspections is a must.

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