Fire Sprinkler Installations


Fire Sprinkler Installations in Fort Worth/ Dallas by an experienced professional team from Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Crisp-LaDew is a full service fire protection company

Since 1933, Crisp-LaDew has been the industry leader in Texas in the design, fabrication, installation of fire sprinkler systems. With a team of professionals, Crisp-LaDew can provide your business with state-of-the-art fire protection systems

4175_DieselWet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler pipes are charged with water and ready for fire sprinkler activation.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Air is held in the pipes of the system. Once the air is release, water fills piping and flows through the activated fire sprinkler head.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers are attached to pipe containing air that may or may not be pressurized. When the detection device since it’s a fire, it opens the main valve, allowing water to flow through the pipes before the sprinklers are set off. When the heat activates the sprinklers, water flows through immediately, as in a wet pipe system.

4370_GroupDeluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

All sprinkler heads are open throughout the system and will release water simultaneously.

Foam Water Sprinkler Systems

A special application system that discharges a mixture of water and low expansion foam concentrate.

Water Mist System

Water mist systems can operate with the same functionality as a deluge system, dry pipe system, wet pipe system, or pre-action system. Used in special applications, a mist systems can absorb more heat than traditional systems. By increasing the amount of water droplets, mist will turn to steam more quickly and effectively cool the room, thus reducing the temperature of the flame.



Crisp-LaDew Professionals

Our senior staff average 25+years experience in fire protection, we have dedicated ourselves to the highest standard of customers service. Developing real solutions that will ensure your building systems are compliant with fire and life safety codes.

Let Crisp-LaDew help create a customized, precise plan to suit your new fire sprinker system needs.

Crisp-LaDew fire protection systems are designed in compliance with the guidelines and standards established by local codes and the National Fire Protection Association. Change is constant in this industry, and the professionals at Crisp-LaDew maintain a comprehensive understanding of the latest codes, standards, regulations and the most efficient practices for maintaining a system.

Crisp-LaDew design services are in-house and equipped with the latest ACAD systems technology. There are many intricacies of designing or redesigning a system based on the varied and special needs for a building. Crisp-LaDew has the experience, track record and reputation that makes it the trusted industry leader.

Specializing in all areas in fire sprinkler installations:

Commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems with complete service support from Crisp-LaDew. To learn more about Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Services, contact us and a sales representative will set an appointment to help with your fire protection needs.