Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm System Installation in Fort Worth/ Texas by a team of professionals from Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection

Installation of Fire Alarm Systems

Protecting your business or commercial property from fire is priority number one. Crisp-LaDew a leading provider of fire alarm systems protects businesses by using state-of-the-art technology ensuring building owners their systems are compliant ready in case of fire.
Fire Alarm Installation

Our staff is highly experienced and NICET certified in all areas in the fire protection industry. Crisp-LaDew employees have dedicated themselves to the highest standard of customer service.

Crisp-LaDew has been providing fire protection solutions for commercial and industrial facilities for more than 80 years. Crisp-LaDew offices are located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury and North Texas.

Commercial and industrial fire alarm systems with complete service support from Crisp-LaDew. To learn more about Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Services, please call (817) 572-3663.

Specializing in all areas in fire alarm installation:

Safety Tips

Keeping you safe is our top priority and we believe knowledge as a great deterrent against injury. Below are some great safety tips and videos we feel are key to keeping you save once your Fire Alarm System has been installed.

  • Install smoke detectors
  • Post emergency numbers near telephones
  • After a fire emergency
  • Make sure you have a safe fire escape method for all situations
  • Space Heaters Need Space
  • Smokers Need To Be Extra Careful
  • Be Careful Cooking
  • Matches and Lighters are Dangerous
  • Use Electricity Safely
  • Cool a Burn
  • Be Careful of Halogen Lights
  • Dispose of Batteries Correctly

Read this report on “NFPA that exposes the 9-volt battery fire danger” and discover the real danger being faced in businesses and homes across the United States. Protection of your Family and business starts with Fire Alarm Systems but is an ongoing requirement.