Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring in Dallas/Fort Worth by a team of professionals from Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Monitoring

If a fire breaks out in your building, seconds count. To avoid a disaster, the most important thing to make sure your fire alarm system in monitored. Crisp-LaDew keeps their customers safe by offering well maintained fire alarm monitoring technology at the very best prices.

Crisp-LaDew monitoring services include:

  • 24-hour centralized, off site alarm monitoring
  • Notification to fire department, business owner
  • Full compliance with Underwriters Laboratories/ Fm Global guidelines
  • Multi-able year contract option
  • Immediate response from a Crisp-LaDew Technician

Minimum Installation and Low Management Cost

  • Programing without business interruptions
  • Save money when combined with other Crisp-LaDew cost saving programs and services

Specializing in fire alarm systems:

Crisp-LaDew has been providing fire protection solutions for commercial and industrial facilities for more than 80 years. Crisp-LaDew offices are located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury and North Texas.

Commercial and industrial fire alarm systems with complete service support from Crisp-LaDew. To learn more about Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Services, please call (817) 572-3663.

InspectionsPhotoACommercial fire alarm monitoring services in Dallas, Fort Worth and all of Texas from Crisp-LaDew, the leading fire and life safety protector since 1933.

  • 24/7 full-service fire alarm monitoring.
  • Outstanding rates and exemplary service.

Monitoring, plus complete maintenance, inspection and repair service from one company.   Crisp-LaDew the fire alarm monitoring and fire alarm professionals.

An effective, intelligent fire alarm system is a chain reaction where the smoke detector sends a signal to the fire alarm system; the fire alarm system alerts the fire alarm monitoring service and the monitoring service calls the fire department.

Learn more about how smoke detectors are able to start this chain reaction at their Wikipedia page:


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