Fire Alarm Services

Fire hazards are common in any building. The buildings with the highest fire risk are commercial and industrial buildings because of the amount of combustible products contained within the facility, however, this does not exclude residential and other buildings from the risk of fire. Fire alarms are an important component in the construction of any building.

A critical decision for a building owner is choosing the optimum company to install the fire alarm system. Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Company is skilled in providing the best in life safety systems. Our experts begin with the installation of the fire alarm system. From visiting your location to designing your system and finally to installation – the experts at Crisp-LaDew have spent years training and updating their knowledge regarding all types of fire alarm systems. You can rest assured that Crisp-LaDew will be thorough with every fire alarm installation. Our client’s safety is our top priority.

On the occasion that your building’s fire alarm runs into trouble, Crisp-LaDew is at your service 24 hours a day. Our technician’s experience combined with their continuing education opportunities assures our customers of our ability to handle any service or repair need in a timely manner.

As with any product of technology, fire alarm systems require maintenance at least once annually. Crisp-LaDew can perform an inspection of your building’s fire alarm system as part of a routine maintenance plan. Most often this inspection serves as a benchmark to assure the customer their building is being protected at the optimal level. If the technician discovers a faulty part or mechanism the repair can be made quickly and efficiently in order to keep your system in top operational form.

Crisp-LaDew also offers monitoring of the fire alarm system. Once a fire alarm system has actuated, the monitoring station will inform the fire department and the person(s) you have specified of a fire that may have occurred in your building. Moreover, with the proper programming, the monitoring station can transmit the specific alarm that has been set off in your building. This is one of the many ways Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Co. protects your safety 24 hours a day.

Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Company is a first-rate life safety company. Our experience in installation, testing, maintaining, repairing and monitoring are second to none. The next time you are in need of fire alarm services give the experts at Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection a call.

We look forward to working with you!