Access control security systems in Granbury

What is access control?

Access control combines electronically operated locking devices with computer software. The software allows the businesses to determine who and at what time a person may enter the facility, or have access throughout the building.

What are the benefits of access control systems?

Traditional locks require extra precautions to ensure safety. Should a key be lost or stolen by an individual it can be expensive to rekey locks. Access control allows businesses to easily delete cards from the system to prevent such individuals from gaining access. With access control time schedules can be set up to prevent unwanted access afterhours, as well as tracking when individuals arrive at the place of business. They can also be combined with gate entry systems, camera systems and alarm systems.

What type of locking device should I purchase?

There are several types of locking devices. The most common are

  • Electric strike – these locking devices replace your current strikes located in the door frames. When power is supplied to the strike it releases the strike allowing the door to open. Generally these are the most cost efficient but do not work on some doors, such as double doors.
  • Electrified Door Handles or Crash bars – Power is supplied directly to the door handle which prevent its ability to turn or be pushed in. Aesthetically these are the most pleasing but cost more.
  • Magnetic Locks – These locks use large magnets to secure a door. Used mostly for double doors. However, an emergency button is required for exiting the door because they do not have the free egress that other locks have. FYI in some city these lock are not allowed by the fire marshal.Crisp-Ladew can provide trained technicians to help determine the best lock for your door.
  • Do I need a permit to have an access control system installed?

Yes. In most cities Access Control is considered a life safety system, because improper installation can prevent the exiting of a building in case of a fire. For this reason access control falls under the same regulations as most fire systems and is enforced by the Fire Marshal. Crisp-Ladew will take care of proper permitting of Access Control systems before there installations.

Are your Systems proprietary?

Crisp-Ladew stands by the quality of their work, thus they do not feel that is necessary to retain customers by using equipment others cannot work with. If a customer desires to use a certain brand we are happy to work with them, but in general our systems are not proprietary.

Can you work with my existing system in the Granbury area?

While we can work with most systems, readers and cards, there are some systems that are proprietary. This means they are made specifically with certain companies in mind, and prevents other companies from working on this control. In this case your readers, wiring, and cards can be used, but the actual control unit may need to be replaced.

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